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Videos from St. Mary's Campbellford Church Project
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Episode 2 - Bell Tower Restoration Continued

July 5 to September 7, 2016

Guys on site start to cut large 2000 pound stone slabs in order to re-construct the spalling buttresses. Tom demonstrated the proper pointing of stone and mortar that the guys have now completed on the tower in comparison to the poor workmanship completed prior. There was even a wire previously placed within the mortar that has completely rusted and deemed the previous mortaring inadequate. Tom continues to demonstrate the poor state of the buttresses with large cavities that require filling and rebuilding.

The louvers are now shown completed with a final paint job and a galvanized wire termed “hardware cloth” that serves to keep birds from entering and polluting the tower.

The bell floor level of the tower can now be seen partially re-done with the installation of a double fibreglass membrane. This flooring is a 2-stage self adhesive system with a self curing synthetic adhesive oil to prevent tear and weathering. This flooring is subsequently covered with plywood to ensure all measures are taken to protect the inside of the bell floor level. Furthermore, the original sloped design of the bell floor level has been kept. This 2 inch slope from west to east serves as a water ejection site outside the tower.

Tom also demonstrates the poor state of the broach, with water leaking which requires repair.   

Episode 3 - Re-installation of Bell and Interior of Tower

September 9 to September 12, 2016

Father Pylon gives a speech with Mary the Bell prior to her re-installation. Re-installation of the bell with the crane back into the tower. Tom gives a Thank You speech to recognize and honour all the people who have contributed and worked on the project.

The interior of the tower is shown and Tom gives a first look at the newly constructed louvers that will be installed, the Lexan plastic sheet added to the face of the decorative window, the inside stabilizing of the buttresses and the installation of the new support beam.

Tom takes us to the interior bell tower level.  A final layer of lead copper sheeting is added to the robust new flooring to prevent any gauging from the weight of the bell. The entrance to the bell level is shown for the members of the church should they require or would like to access the bell up close within the tower going forward.
Episode 1 - Bell Tower Restoration

May 2 to June 23, 2016

The 3000 pound bell is removed from the bell tower of the church with the help of many hands and a crane brought to site. In order to remove the bell, one of the rotting louvers is removed first and the others are removed subsequently throughout the project. Members of the church are ecstatic to be able to touch and see the bell up close. The bell was installed in the original church in 1898, one year before it burnt down on the Eve of Christmas in 1899. It is said that the bell fell from the steeple all the way to the basement during this unfortunate event and is today the only remaining component to the original church. Engraved on the bell writes “Bell Company- Troy, New York”; “This Bell named Mary, was Solemnly Blessed and Dedicated to the Honour and Glory of God at Campbellford Ontario, October 1898”.

Tom speaks to us about the important repairs to the tower exterior cladding. Specifically the repairs required to the cracked stone on the buttresses and the mortaring performed in the past. The mortar has lost its bonding properties due to significant weathering over time, but also was inadequately repaired with over-pointing, which created a faulty lip in the mortar resulting in moisture penetrating inside the stone leading to spalling. Tom also stresses the importance of the new vented louvers to be installed on the spire as well as the weather-resistant pitch of the louvers on the tower.